Dr. Douglas Reding is an oncologist and medical director for Ascension Wisconsin. As Ascension Wisconsin ministries increasingly collaborate, Dr. Reding has been focused on identifying and employing best practices throughout Ascension’s Wisconsin cancer centers and engaging providers in a uniform, multidisciplinary approach to cancer care delivery. That has provided the platform for Dr. Reding’s focus on ensuring that cancer centers in rural Wisconsin provide the same level of care excellence found in metropolitan cancer centers.

As he engages oncology teams at Ascension Wisconsin cancer centers, Dr. Reding works as a catalyst to improve interdisciplinary team goal setting, data collection and analysis. He believes Ascension has a unique opportunity to leverage its national footprint to deliver uniform cancer care to patients, no matter the geography.

And what is uniform about this care? In addition to the clinical best practices, it is the focus on the individual throughout diagnosis and treatment. “A diagnosis of cancer for a patient interrupts their lives for up to six months and more,” Dr. Reding explains. “So, having a social worker assist with insurance questions and access, a chemotherapy nurse, a nurse navigator who is like a concierge helping that patient access all the team members in the System, all this helps the patient understand their treatment, improves their quality of life because they are better able to participate in their own care, and this results in better patient satisfaction and outcomes.”